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"You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince." -Mamaw Jackson

"Stupidity in a woman is unfeminine." -Freiderich Nietchze

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top Two Tuesday... Beauty Secrets

I'm not one to give a lot of beauty advice... I only wear make up for special occasions. But the couple of things I do use, I will never change.

#1. Bare Minerals makeup - I've converted so many of my friends and family members to this makeup, I should probably get a kickback! It is absolutely the best thing I have ever put on my face. I have super sensitive (and really cranky) skin, and this does not irritate it or break me out. It comes in shades for all skin tones, too.
#2. OPI Nail Lacquer - This is something I NEVER go without. I will always have my toes painted... Every day of the year. OK... sometimes I let them get a little chipped in the winter, but I try! haha Occasionally I paint my finger nails, but always my toenails, and nothing lasts longer or has better colors than OPI. Half the fun of OPI is the names! This is the Spring/Summer 2010 Collection called Hong Kong. The colors have names like Red My Fortune Cookie (bottom right) and Lucky Lucky Lavender (top left).

Hope to hear some of your top beauty secrets! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Isn't Bare Minerals fabulous!?! It was my number 1 pick too!

  2. I'm with you on both counts! I can't imagine wearing anything OTHER than Bare Minerals since I've been converted. And I'm rocking Jade is the New Black (second from the left on the top row) on my toenails right now! It's the first OPI color I've ever bought myself, but oh man...I'm converted!!