Words of Wisdom

"You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince." -Mamaw Jackson

"Stupidity in a woman is unfeminine." -Freiderich Nietchze

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm getting married in 3 days!

... Enough said! I have been so busy (and a little stressed) over the past week that I haven't blogged one bit!

I have a list that I am faithfully following to be sure that I get everything done. I got ahead yesterday, but I remembered a couple more things to do today.

Today's list:
confirm vendors and reservations (CHECK!)
finish thank you notes for showers
get groceries for bridesmaids' brunch
finish laundry and start packing for honeymoon
find something blue
clean shoes (they got a little dirty at my bridal portraits)
get eyebrows waxed and nails filled
pay all bills that will be due while we're gone
wrap gifts for parents and bridesmaids

The last minute details are getting overwhelming, but I know it will be a beautiful day whether I get everything done or not.

Everyone keeps telling me to breathe... Maybe I seem more stressed that I want to admit. I really should've taken off from work this whole week.

Any advice?


  1. Remember that no matter what goes wrong or doesn't fit right or isn't exactly the way you pictured it in your head, at the end of the day you will be married to Chris. You'll remember the good parts and be able to (eventually) laugh about the crises! It will be beautiful! Wish I could be there with you. Love!

  2. I see you tomorrow!!!! It's going to be such a wonderful 3 days!

  3. The advice about just breathe is the best advice I can give you. Having been where you are right now and having felt all the stress, the best thing I can tell you is to just stop for a second, breathe, and realize what is happening in a few short days! Take it all in and savor it because it is going to go by so quickly. And try to enjoy yourself. Don't stress over the little things, just let them go, and enjoy this time!